Preparing your child for the childcare centre

Children often find it difficult to separate from their parents when they are young. And, if you have enrolled your child at a childcare centre in singapore like Chiltern house:, so that he can adopt well to joining a preschool , then you are going to be facing a lot of hurdles. Children react differently to going to childcare centres. They may either like it or hate it. However, they will get used to it eventually. If you do not want your child to hate going to childcare centre, then the following few tricks will help him settle:

Have the talk

Yes! You must! In addition, make it exciting! Most parents believe that their child knows that childcare is part of the educational journey, without understanding, that their child does not even know what education means at point of time. Therefore, it is necessary to talk to them. Tell your son or daughter that the childcare centre is similar to going to the park, where they will meet children of their age and can play with them.

Make him understand that leaving them at the childcare centre is not because he is behaving like a bad boy and that he is not being abandoned. This will smoothen the process, when the day comes to take your child to the childcare centre. Also, assure him that if he does not like the place, they will come up with other options. Just do not promise anything and let them down later.

Indulge your child

If you do not want your child to get temperamental about his upcoming D-day, then get him involved in the whole run-up. Take him out shopping for new clothes and let him make his own choices. You can make it a fun day at the mall with your son, allowing him to buy shoes, water bottle, lunch box, clothes and even accessories. You can even buy him a toy just to keep the happy momentum going. If you child feels good about the whole event, he will not walk in to the childcare centre, feeling cranky or low. He will walk in with full excitement about meeting new friends in this new adventure.

Meet the educators

Most kids are shy when meeting new people and it takes some time for them to get used to the newcomer. In addition, if they do not like their teacher, then they will not look at the whole childcare experience as a positive development. In order to avoid any emotional trauma, it is a safe bet to introduce the educators to your child. While your child may take time to get used to them, he will feel better since you are around.

In addition, make the trip to the childcare centre with your child at least three times and make him feel comfortable about the place. If you child understands this place to be his new adventure, then he will not be upset about being left alone without his parents.

Ensure that you give your child a walk-through of the place. If your child is attracted to the place and can embrace the happy vibe, then the transition of being in a new environment will be a good one.

Help with settling in

On the first three days, take off from work and spend time with your child at the childcare centre. On the first day, stay with him in the classroom and witness his day unfold. On the second day, stay with him but from outside the classroom. If he has any doubts your whereabouts, then he can see you. At home, prepare him to go it alone. On the third day, stay outside the school but nearby so that you can reach your child, if he is missing you.

Author: Anita Bailey

Anita Bailey is a 47-year-old kitchen assistant who enjoys watching television, playing video games and praying. She is friendly and caring, but can also be very cowardly and a bit untidy.