Who owns Fallen From Grace?

Bruce Gerencser. See the about page for more information about Bruce.

Why the blog name Fallen From Grace?

The blog name reflects the journey that Bruce is on. One Man’s Journey from Eternity to Here.

What is the purpose of this blog?

The Fallen From Grace blog chronicles Bruce’s journey from eternity to here. While Bruce may write on other subjects, the focus is his personal journey from Christianity to atheism. Bruce hopes to be a help to those who are considering leaving Christianity or those who have already left Christianity.

What this blog is not.

This blog is not a theology blog nor is it a place to argue and debate about the Bible and theology. There are plenty of places on the internet that you can frequent if you want to argue and debate about theology and the Bible.

Did this blog used to be titled Bruce Droppings, Restless Wanderings, and NW Ohio Skeptic?


Is there an RSS Feed for posts and comments?

Yes. Posts Comments

Who reads Fallen From Grace?

People from all over the world and from all walks of life. Restless Wanderings is not a one size fits all blog. If you like Bruce’s writing on Monday rest assured he will piss you off by Sunday. Most of the readers are agnostics, atheists, deists, and people who are transitioning away from fundamentalist/evangelical Christianity. Christians are welcome here but they need to realize that this is NOT a Christian blog.

What is your copyright policy?

Freely give. Freely receive. All that Bruce asks is that you properly attribute anything written by him.

What is your comment policy?

Comments are welcome and encouraged. All comments are moderated. Once a person has shown they can play well with others the moderation restriction will be removed and their comments will no longer be moderated.

Do you censor comments?

Almost never. Bruce is a big advocate of free speech. That said, if a comment is patently offensive or totally off subject, Bruce reserves the right to delete the comment. See the comment rules below.

Do you allow cursing in the comments?

Yes, within reason and you KNOW what within reason means.

My comment didn’t show up? Are you censoring me?

Probably not. All new commenters are moderated. Bruce does not live in front of his computer so there may be some delay in your moderated comment being posted.

Every once in awhile a legitimate comment gets caught in the spam filter. Fallen From Grace receives numerous spam comments every day. Bruce looks at them to make sure there are no legitimate comments in with the spam but he can not guarantee he will catch every misplaced comment.

What are the comment rules?

The comments rules are quite simple and most people shouldn’t have any trouble complying. Be polite and stay on subject. Bruce asks that your actually read the post before commenting on it.

Bruce also asks that you do not evangelize, preach or attempt to psychoanalyze. Attempts at judging motives are discouraged.

Name calling, argumentative comments, discussion hijacking, acting like a troll will result in your comments being deleted.

Failure to play by these basic rules will result in your comment being deleted. Continued infraction of the comment rules will result in you being banned from the site. (this has happened twice in the last 3 years)


Every commenter is encouraged to register for a Disqus account. This is not required. Sometimes Disqus may have problems and the comment function on Fallen From Grace might be sluggish or not work at all. This rarely happens. Usually outages or technical problems are corrected promptly.

Are You a Christian?


Are You an atheist?


Do you believe the Bible is the Word of God?


Are you a liberal?


Do you allow guest posts?

Absolutely. If you have a subject you would like to write a post about please contact Bruce.