Is a preschool suited to all kinds of children and how can you customize it according to your child’s needs

Most parents struggle with the idea of a preschool because there is so much to consider finding the one best suited to your child’s personality. Some children tend to be obedient and do well under authoritative figures while being instructed around for long hours might trigger negative emotions in others. Below you will find Donna Matthews explaining why preschool is still necessary and you should not abandon it as an option.

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Preschool- the necessary mentor

For the first three years, infants and toddlers do best in home-based settings. They tend to experience less stress, less illness, and fewer behavioral problems. Home care is not always possible, and it’s not always best—a high-quality daycare is usually better than an impatient parent, or a disinterested nanny. Read more here!

As a child is growing up, what is highly important is not the kind of care a child receives, whether it is through a nanny, parent, daycare, preschool, or other- but rather the primitive nature of their home experience. So even though company does matter, it does not influence your child in the early years as much as you think it does. The best outcomes are experienced by children who have some familiarity with warmth, responsiveness, and the right kinds of stimulation at home.

A child’s verbal communication, cognitive, and societal progress outcomes are all enhanced in high-quality care environment and this cannot be argued because there the child has the support of well-trained adults. Children growing up at home tend to have more behavior problems thus showing signs of aggression and lack of co-operation. Since parents tend to be more lenient with the kids diet, the kid might also show symptoms of minor illnesses such in upper respiratory and stomach.

Now that you are aware of that a preschool is not an option to be abandoned, keep reading below to find out what Wendy Wisner has to say about the freedom in your hands to make the right choice for your child.

At this point, you might be unsure of what preschool to send your child to. If you are serious about giving your child a headstart not just academically but also in social skills, Chiltern House Preschool is definitely the preschool to send your child to.

Choosing the right program

If you have noticed that your child tends to get over stimulated under a lot of hours of a tight structure and socialization or even sitting in a classroom for just six hours has resulted in massive mental meltdowns for your child; half day programs are here to save the day!

Even though full-day programs are dug out by a lot of families, half day programs tend to work out better in terms of the mental health of the child. This also works well against the idea of studies being stressed on upon at such young ages, and appreciated over things such as ingenuity and free play.

What do our small children need most, and what will the effects of all this be? Delaying the start of school actually reduces problems like hyperactivity and inattention. Are experts keeping things like this in mind when they push up the age that formal schooling begins? Read more here!

There is nothing better than the mental and emotional health of children at an early age and it should never be prioritized over their intellectual achievements.

Feel better knowing you still have a lot of freedom to make the right choice for your kid? Keep reading below to see what Laura Olsen says about both the options to help you decide on the best one.

Pros and cons of full-day and half-day preschool

The biggest factor in making this decision is the schedule and structure because it does not only have to be based on the child’s needs, but of the entire family.

Preschool is a stage at the start of childhood development where play and socialization is of greatest importance. Rudiments of formal instruction and a set of courses are gradually introduced to advantageously prepare children for school. While this lasts, teachers focus is on social and emotional development.

Pretend play is a crucial part of your child’s development, and a preschool setting should allow children to enjoy this with new friends creating pretend scenarios that spark children’s imaginations. Basic concepts in language arts, math and science should be introduced in engaging activities and through the arts and experiments. Read more here!

In half-day preschool programs, the time is well thought-out for the duration of class to consist of training, individual work time and collective activities.

In full-day preschool programs, the time is divided up, with the major chunk being instructions in the morning, followed by lunchtime and nap time.

To conclude, you don’t have to fear the idea of a preschool because you have a lot of freedom in choosing the right program for your child. And to ensure you make the right one you need an in depth research on both the programs to suit your child’s personality.

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