International schools prepare your children for a good world tour and a well-informed world citizen. There are so many awesome schools to choose from, and one of the most important criteria for this choice is the curriculum the school is learning. The British, British or English national curriculum is a highly structured, incredibly popular worldwide curriculum designed to provide a degree of unity primarily through a common framework mandated by the British Government. The rigorous curriculum is followed by a strict selection of teachers who teach it. Of course, only the best of the best can meet the educational standard.

The efficiency of both the curriculum and the teacher’s performance is regularly documented for each student and each topic using assessment forms, and the data collected is used to allow students to continue to thrive individually. The curriculum prepares students for GCSE and A-level degrees and the ultimate goal of first-rate UK higher education through compulsory courses taught at an age-appropriate level.

The global community, however, offers some flexibility. For example, British education is divided into key stages. However, this is sometimes lost on a global scale as many schools simultaneously offer or combine different curricula to provide a more comprehensive approach. Here is list of popular Singapore international schools with British curriculum.


Dulwich College was founded in London in 1619 by an actor affiliated with Shakespeare’s Globe Theater inherited by a Singaporean granddaughter, who is providing incredible artistic opportunities to students and using an expanded form of the English National Curriculum through Year 9 as students follow the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum. Their students show excellent results, with 29 of them in 2016/17 receiving a prize for the best in China or the best price for their IGCSE score. The school has announced that it would like to use 2018/2019 Evidence Based Education to develop a new, more efficient assessment system to ensure that no achievable progress is made!

Dulwich College, 71 Bukit Batok West Avenue 8, Singapore, 658966, +65 6890 1003,


The Winstedt School is backed by a community of interconnected specialists who provide their students with individual and multi-dimensional care and support. These caregivers, teachers, therapists, and counselors believe in the intuitive and intriguing nature of the learning experience. Their regular British curriculum is taught in very small groups through multisensory instruction, personalized teaching and integrated art.

The Winstedt School, 1208 Upper Boon Keng Road Singapore 387312, +65 6715 5373,


One World International School choose to mix things up a little bit and combine curricula to create a variant that works for them. They are a relatively small community, but they stay together to provide your child with a terminally secure education. They follow the IB curriculum at their elementary school, while their secondary school uses a British curriculum-based IGCSE program, which is also adapted to their international student organization. Their classes often include cross-curricular connections to strengthen a broader, global perspective.

One World International School 21 Jurong West Street 81, Singapore 649075, +65 6914 6700,


They are a non-selective, nonprofit school that constantly reflects on their own practice to make continuous progress. That’s why their students visit the best universities in the world. They have adapted their British education program to the specificities of the wider school environment without neglecting the main driving force that turns their students into global citizens and lifelong learning.

Tanglin Trust School, 95 Portsdown Road, Singapore 139299, +65 6778 0771,


Malaysia’s Marlborough College, near the border with Singapore, offers excellent contemporary day or entry level education by following the English national curriculum to find a good balance between breadth and specialization. The school has enriched the curriculum with numerous academic expansion and enrichment activities, and has provided students with attentive, specialized spaces to acquire the said knowledge.

Marlborough College Malaysia, Jalan Marlborough, Iskander Puteri 79250, Johor, Malaysia, +607 560 2200,


Since 1972, Dover Court International School in Singapore has been one of the leading inclusive British international schools in Southeast Asia. As part of the international education group North Anglia International, they offer their students daily access to international opportunities through their Global Campus. They provide unique opportunities through their collaboration with Julliard and MIT. Its curriculum is based on the English National Curriculum, but tailored to the needs of the global student!

Dover Court International School, 301 Dover Road, 139644, Singapore, +65 6775 7664,

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