Convincing Reasons Why Expat Parents Should Send Children to an International School in Singapore

Did you recently move to Singapore? Are looking for a good school to enroll your kids? Are you finding it difficult choosing between an international and a local school? If you answered yes to these questions, you are not alone. You see, there are many expat parents like you that are facing the exact same challenge.

To scale through this challenge and decide that you won’t regret in the long run, you are going to need all the help you can get.

As a kind and loving parent, you are ready to do whatever it takes to give your child a head-start in life. One of the best ways you can do this is by enrolling your kid into a good school.

No doubts, you have the freedom to enroll your kids into any school you like, but if you want them to grow and reach their potential quicker, then you should send them to an international school.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some compelling reasons why you should consider sending your kids into any of the best international schools in Singapore.

Diverse student body

Unlike public or hybrid schools where more than half of the student population are locals, the student bodies of international school are made of kids from different parts of the world. So, when you send your kid to one, he is going to be exposed to new cultures and will have an opportunity to build his social skill and learn how to get along with other kids.

If you plan to send your kid to overseas for tertiary education, then it is wise you send him to an international school.

Student-teacher ratio

As you likely know, no two kids are completely the same. While there are some that have a flair for learning and the ability to understand complicated concepts easily, there are others that need extra help or one-on-one assistance from teachers. If your child falls into this category then you should send him to an international school as he will get all the attention he needs to master basic and complex subjects.

Presently, most public schools in Singapore have about 25 to 30 students per teacher. International schools, on the other hand, have about 10 to 20 students per teacher. Since the student-teacher ratio is good, you can be confident that your child will get all the attention and care he needs to thrive academically.


The curriculum of most international schools in Singapore is comprehensive, rich, and widely recognized for its emphasis on critical thinking and creativity. The curriculum literally prepares kids for course work they can expect in the university.

Final note

The benefits of sending your kids to an international school are endless. From improving their social skill to boosting their cognitive abilities, international schools have what it takes to help children reach their potential. Of course, they aren’t perfect but the benefits they offer far outweigh any disadvantages they may have.

3 Things You Must Do When Visiting an International School in Singapore

Finding a good international school in Singapore is getting more and more difficult. With so many new international schools springing up here and there, it is likely going to be difficult for you to narrow down a good one that will suit your child’s needs.

Of course, there are many approaches you can take to narrow down the best of the best international schools in Singapore, but many of them will not give you the result you seek and may even wear you out and leave you exhausted.

The best strategy for finding a good school is to visit them in person. Keep in mind that you don’t have to visit all the international schools in Singapore, only top-rated ones.

To ensure that your visit to any of these schools is fruitful, there are some important things you must do. In this article, we are going to be looking at some of them.

Prepare in Advance

Get in touch with the international school you plan to visit and tell them of your intentions. Your goal should be to spend as much time at the school as possible. During your visit, your child will have an opportunity to interact with other students and even join classes. Don’t forget to set a face-to-face appointment with the coordinator or headmaster and a few of the teachers. Prepare a list of questions you will like to ask them during your visit.

Below are some important questions you can ask:

  • How do you help a new student feel at home and settle -in quickly?
  • How do you deal with bullying?
  • What is the mission and vision of the school?
  • What support is there for kids with special educational needs? 

Feel free to add to the list and if more questions pop into your mind after your first visit, there is absolutely nothing wrong with arranging a second visit. If the staffs of the school are friendly and accommodating the first time, chances are they will be again.

Explore the Campus

During your visit, pay close attention to the condition of the common space and learning area to see if it is tidy and if it fosters an atmosphere of positivity.

Also, take note of the behavior of the students- do they seem comfortable? Do they stick around in groups of their own race and nationalities?

Don’t forget to visit the canteen to look at the available food options and if the children are supervised during lunch to ensure that they are eating properly. Do well to inspect other facilities like the libraries and computer room if you have the time.

Watch Your Child’s Reactions

This is likely the most important thing you must pay close attention to during your visit. Try not to ask your kids direct questions about what they think, as they may tell you what you need to hear, not what they are really feeling.

The best way to go about it is to watch their body language, the comments they make, their attitude during the visit, and how they respond to the other children there.


International schools prepare your children for a good world tour and a well-informed world citizen. There are so many awesome schools to choose from, and one of the most important criteria for this choice is the curriculum the school is learning. The British, British or English national curriculum is a highly structured, incredibly popular worldwide curriculum designed to provide a degree of unity primarily through a common framework mandated by the British Government. The rigorous curriculum is followed by a strict selection of teachers who teach it. Of course, only the best of the best can meet the educational standard.

The efficiency of both the curriculum and the teacher’s performance is regularly documented for each student and each topic using assessment forms, and the data collected is used to allow students to continue to thrive individually. The curriculum prepares students for GCSE and A-level degrees and the ultimate goal of first-rate UK higher education through compulsory courses taught at an age-appropriate level.

The global community, however, offers some flexibility. For example, British education is divided into key stages. However, this is sometimes lost on a global scale as many schools simultaneously offer or combine different curricula to provide a more comprehensive approach. Here is list of popular Singapore international schools with British curriculum.


Dulwich College was founded in London in 1619 by an actor affiliated with Shakespeare’s Globe Theater inherited by a Singaporean granddaughter, who is providing incredible artistic opportunities to students and using an expanded form of the English National Curriculum through Year 9 as students follow the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum. Their students show excellent results, with 29 of them in 2016/17 receiving a prize for the best in China or the best price for their IGCSE score. The school has announced that it would like to use 2018/2019 Evidence Based Education to develop a new, more efficient assessment system to ensure that no achievable progress is made!

Dulwich College, 71 Bukit Batok West Avenue 8, Singapore, 658966, +65 6890 1003,


The Winstedt School is backed by a community of interconnected specialists who provide their students with individual and multi-dimensional care and support. These caregivers, teachers, therapists, and counselors believe in the intuitive and intriguing nature of the learning experience. Their regular British curriculum is taught in very small groups through multisensory instruction, personalized teaching and integrated art.

The Winstedt School, 1208 Upper Boon Keng Road Singapore 387312, +65 6715 5373,


One World International School choose to mix things up a little bit and combine curricula to create a variant that works for them. They are a relatively small community, but they stay together to provide your child with a terminally secure education. They follow the IB curriculum at their elementary school, while their secondary school uses a British curriculum-based IGCSE program, which is also adapted to their international student organization. Their classes often include cross-curricular connections to strengthen a broader, global perspective.

One World International School 21 Jurong West Street 81, Singapore 649075, +65 6914 6700,


They are a non-selective, nonprofit school that constantly reflects on their own practice to make continuous progress. That’s why their students visit the best universities in the world. They have adapted their British education program to the specificities of the wider school environment without neglecting the main driving force that turns their students into global citizens and lifelong learning.

Tanglin Trust School, 95 Portsdown Road, Singapore 139299, +65 6778 0771,


Malaysia’s Marlborough College, near the border with Singapore, offers excellent contemporary day or entry level education by following the English national curriculum to find a good balance between breadth and specialization. The school has enriched the curriculum with numerous academic expansion and enrichment activities, and has provided students with attentive, specialized spaces to acquire the said knowledge.

Marlborough College Malaysia, Jalan Marlborough, Iskander Puteri 79250, Johor, Malaysia, +607 560 2200,


Since 1972, Dover Court International School in Singapore has been one of the leading inclusive British international schools in Southeast Asia. As part of the international education group North Anglia International, they offer their students daily access to international opportunities through their Global Campus. They provide unique opportunities through their collaboration with Julliard and MIT. Its curriculum is based on the English National Curriculum, but tailored to the needs of the global student!

Dover Court International School, 301 Dover Road, 139644, Singapore, +65 6775 7664,

A Guide To Learning Spanish

Learning a language is never easy. Even when you started learning your first language, it took years before you could finally speak fluently and master the language. Now if you try to learn another language, that again would take a lot of time and effort. Now in this article, we are going to talk about one specific language which is Spanish. We are going to give you some pieces of advice on how you could learn Spanish faster and easier.

If you are looking for a Spanish Language School Singapore, you should check out Berlitz Language School. They are one of the most established and oldest language schools in the world, and they offer a wide range of language courses and at varying proficiency levels. If you want to learn Spanish seriously, you should check out their site above.

In an article by Steve, we are going to read about some tricks and tips for learning Spanish.

All the Tricks and Tips for Learning Spanish You Need

As I’ve said so many times, the big thing in language learning is motivation. I keep on repeating it because it’s not about talent, it’s not about classes or teachers or methods, it’s primarily about motivation. The amount of time you spend on the task and noticing–noticing what’s going on in the language. I think the good language learners have become better at noticing. They’ve become more aware, more alert to what’s happening in the language.

In my opinion, Spanish is one of the most attractive languages to learn. We can all be motivated to learn a specific language, like Mongolian or Finnish because we have a friend or a particular interest. Maybe we want to learn Korean to be able to watch Korean dramas or Japanese for amine or business, all kinds of reasons. Spanish is different: there are a number of real big advantages to learning Spanish.

First of all, a lot of people speak Spanish. You have all of Latin America, except Brazil and Haiti, and of course Spain. All these countries are quite different. When I think of Spain, which I know much better than Latin America, I think about color and music. It’s a world where people have fun. Read more here.

According to the author of the article, learning Spanish is just easy. Another thing is that if you already know how to speak Spanish, learning other languages such as Portuguese, Italian, and French would already be a lot easier. Wouldn’t that be great? Now, for more tips and tricks, let us also read JOHN-ERIK JORDAN’s article below.

5 Tricks To Learn Spanish (Or Any Other Language)

Spanish is the most studied second language in the United States. Many Americans start learning it in middle school or high school, but most of us never reach a level where we can really communicate in Spanish. I studied Spanish for all four years of high school and have almost nothing to show for it besides, “Me llamo John-Erik. Yo nací en Los Angeles. Chicle en la basura, por favor.” As is painfully obvious from this thimbleful of Spanish I retained after high school, my relationship with the language never left the classroom and thus never really came to life. Where did I go wrong?

I needed expert advice so I consulted two guys with a lot to say about the Spanish language: Luca Lampariello, who hails from Italy and started teaching himself Spanish as a kid (he also speaks English, Russian, Mandarin, Japanese…), and Babbel’s polyglot-in-residence Matthew Youlden. Here are their tips for learning Spanish (or any language for that matter). Read more here.

One of the tricks mentioned above is that you should connect to the native speakers. Doing this could really be an effective way of learning. If you try to apply what you have learned by speaking to the native speakers, then you would be able to practice. Also, you would be able to learn more along the way.

No we are going to read about a specific trick in learning Spanish which is learning through movies. ALAN and VIVIANA will tell us about it.

9 Useful Tips for Learning Spanish with Movies

What’s the best unconventional way to learn Spanish?

If you need a break from going to class or reading a book, there’s nothing better than learning Spanish through movies.

Why Learn Spanish Through Movies and Films?

Here are three reasons:

  • Movies are just plain fun. You can reserve them for times when you’re just too tired to do anything else.
  • Movies tend to use natural conversational Spanish. This is different from other sources of Spanish like books or news. Read more here.

Learning through teacher lectures and reading books would sometimes be really tiring and boring. But you should not worry because one thing you can do about it is to watch Spanish movies. With that, you would be able to do two things at a time, learn Spanish while having a fun time. Learning something can really be difficult, but if you enjoy it, then learning would be a lot easier. It would just be like play.

Creativity, Unleashed With interior Design Students

How to Use an Aluminum Brake to Wrap a Door or WindowIf you’ve a few windows or even an exterior door to wrap in aluminum, it can be a fun do it yourself weekend project. Your theme won’t become dated. If you’re to look with interiors catalog, you may probably choose the organization that will offer that you simply good deal in terms of warranty and which you will benefit the advantages that may occur whenever needed. Your theme won’t become dated. Although it may seem interior designers spend their time in large houses with limitless budgets, a good designer can employ their tricks anywhere.

a whole color palette. It resembles a human tent and is also constructed of ‘heavy-duty polyester’ and contains ‘nylon zipper’. You can put in a valance or cornice box over it to soften the harsh edges. Lighting your kit can be considered a fun yet challenging time. by ArticleCity Blog.

Box is normally seen as a little shrub, although it can grow much taller There can be a (true) story of the garden, deserted for upwards of fifty years within the middle of your wood. That is why hand painted furniture is indeed desired, it adds class, uniqueness, and style. You can do this with purple curtains, a red sofa, or cool chairs. But, instead of on-site consultations, communication is via phone and email.

What a swimming Pool Designer will Do For You Personally By Leonor Lamb. They be aware of nuances of the trade too since the guidelines to keep the expenses down without necessarily compromising the artistry and quality of the design. In this case you’ll need a dominant color, a neutral color, plus an accent color. All customers possess a unique taste as well as the basic parameters of practicality also differ in lots of respects.

Obviously, hard work and dedication in the field of interior planning can be extremely rewarding and fulfilling. This is performed within the entire text with every borrowed phrase or quotation having its very own citation. Denver homeowners might remember fondly the distinctive blue flame that accustomed to come from older gas log sets, but which is now a feature of the past, because a bright, lifelike golden flame is achievable with new gas logs. He can also be known since the god of thunder. Why Artificial Grass Lawns are “Green” By Jim Karmie.

Eco-Friendliness: Dedication to commercial maintenance proves that a company cares in regards to the environment. There ought to be contrast in the colors, as with all the cypresses and olives. What is always that Flaky, White Powder on my Concrete?.

One of the most difficult areas of home design for living rooms is sticking to your budget. The latest reports reveal that output of the engine is on schedule and is going to be offered in the 2010 F-150 SVT Raptor. Best recognized for its functional and great looking sundecks, Hunterstruct showcases its best Vancouver decks around the Hunterstruct. The latest reports reveal that manufacture of the engine is on schedule and is going to be offered within the 2010 F-150 SVT Raptor. If you continue to take care of and appreciate it, its’ fairy-tale-like beauty will definitely shine through.

Moving to Singapore and Choosing a Private School

If you are expecting to move to Singapore in the near future, there are a few things you should consider when deciding on the suitable International School Singapore for your child. Parents want their children to attend schools that provide a good education and are engaging. Expat families typically choose to send their children to international schools for several reasons, but finding the right school takes time. The development of your child is of utmost priority as it can affect their growing up days. With so many important decisions surrounding your move, here is a list of considerations when looking at schools for your child:

Location – It is important that a school be easily accessible, and provide a campus that inspires learning in its students. Long commutes can create a sense of dread for both you and your child, and you ideally want to find a school that is close to home and work. Campuses that incorporate nature into their schools create a holistic environment that students and teachers appreciate.

Resources – Most international schools around Singapore have access to excellent facilities, not every school provides the same opportunities for their students. If your child is heavily involved in a sport or musical activity, it is important to see what resources the school has in order to continue their development. Nurturing a child’s talent from young will inculcate habit and discipline, thereby ensuring success and achievement in that activity. Otherwise, foreign language programs are also great supplement to core academics, and you should find schools with native speakers as teachers.

Community – The school’s community is very influential to the success of the students. International schools have students from all over the world, and the school manages how these students interact. It is important to find a school that has a genuine appreciation for diversity, and creates a stable learning environment for new ideas and cultures to share with one another. Ask potential schools how new families have successfully adjusted to living in Singapore, and see if your family would be a good match for the school.

Curriculum – Many schools offer different types of curriculum, and the type of education each school provides is dependent on the type of curriculum they teach. Some schools offer programs that teach the national curriculum of a home country. These types of schools are ideal for families that plan on returning home, and can provide a seamless transition for students. Families that expect to move again may prefer an international standard of curriculum, such as the International Baccalaureate program. Find schools that are accredited in the type of curriculum you want your child to learn, and ask questions to get a sense of how effective teachers are with the material. It’s also a good idea to learn about the amount of homework assigned to students on a daily and weekly basis. Reviewing school calendars can be a good indication of how the school organises the academic school year, and what they expect from students and their families.

Choosing the Right School – It is important to choose a private school that provides students with a safe environment to explore the world’s cultures in-depth. Many private schools in Singapore host students from around the world and they offer a unique atmosphere that allows students to develop in a holistic manner. Private schools can expose students to the wonders of the world, instilling a sense of learning, living, and giving. The dedicated educators at the best schools are able to provide individual attention to students because of our small class size, and this ensures that the students succeed in the challenging learning environment.