Are International Schools Better than Local Schools?

Are you one of the many expat parents who is having a hard time deciding whether to enroll your kid in an international school or local school? If yes, this article is for you. While Singapore is home to a lot of reputable international and local schools, most expat parents opt for international schools. The reason for this is because they have high teaching standards and state of the art facilities that can help kids reach their full potential and develop faster. But they have one issue. Their tuition is usually very expensive. Because of this, some expat parents are seriously considering enrolling their kids in any of the leading local schools in Singapore. 

If you are having difficulty deciding the one to enroll your kids into or you want to learn what both systems have to offer, you are going to benefit from this article, as it unveils everything there is to know about Singapore’s international schools verses its local ones. 

The following article by Tracy Tristram weighs the pros and cons of international and local schools in Singapore. 

International schools vs. local schools in Singapore: One family, both systems – the pros and cons

Are international school fees in Singapore keeping you awake at night? Are you considering the local system? Wondering what the differences are between the two options? Tracy Tristram is a mum who has her children split between the two school systems. Read more here

The above article has certainly given you insight into the pros and cons as well as the differences between both systems. Before choosing between them, it is wise you consider factors like their curriculum and tuition. If you have made the decision to enroll your kid in an international school, you are going to benefit from the next article. 

The following article by Guidemesingapore shed light on some intricate things you need to know about the syllabus of most international schools in Singapore. 

International school syllabus available in Singapore

Singapore, with its reputation as one of the world’s easiest places to do business, has attracted many professionals from all over the world to move here and establish or advance their careers. Read more here.

You surely now know a thing or two about the curriculum of most international schools in Singapore. Do well to take a close look at each of them before making a final decision. After making a decision, the next challenge you are likely going to encounter is finding the best international school for your little one. 

The following article by Littlestepasia unveils the best international school in Singapore. 

Top International Schools in Singapore

An international education does not come cheap, but it does come with first-class qualifications, access to amazing sports facilities, Broadway-worthy drama studios, and the opportunity to travel this stunning continent. Read more here.

Surely, you now know some of the best international schools in Singapore like the Perse school Singapore, Canadian international school, United World College, and Etonhouse International Education Group, just to name a few. The high teaching standards of these schools, experienced teachers, and a superb curriculum set them apart from others out there. 

Final note 

Most expat parents in Singapore have the notion that international schools are better than local schools. While that may be true, in some regard, there is still a possibility that an international school may not be able to address the needs of expat kids. That is why it is critical for expat parents to carefully consider the needs of their kids before making a final decision. 

Regardless of the decision you make, you need to keep in mind that there is no right and wrong when it comes to choosing between an international school and a local school. The reason for this is that even local schools can help expat kids increase their cognitive abilities and reach their full potential.

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